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  • PDA and WAP devices now supported!!
    Concord's email system also supports mobile devices such as a pda and WAP devices such as a cellphone, here are the URLs:
    for PDA       this is just a basic web template for pda use
    for WAP      this is for wap enabled devices such as a cellphone

    What is WAP?     WAP is short for Wireless Application Protocol and allows you to browse the web with your mobile but only pages designed for wap viewing (written in wireless mark-up language)
  • Using the "Forgot Your Pasword?" feature:
    Before you can successfully use this feature you need to enter an alternate email address to send the password to.  Logon to webmail, click on SETTINGS > ACCOUNTS > MODIFY and put in an alternate email address (like your hotmail or yahoo account), be sure to click SAVE this address will be used to send your forgotten Concord email password to.
  • If you use POP3 with Outlook, Eudora, or other email software and your Concord account::
    (NOTE: This does not apply if you use IMAP)
    You will not be able to see your SPAM folder unless you logon thru webmail.  POP3 is unable to see any additional folders other than your INBOX folder on the mail server.  It is recommeded you either disable SPAM for your account and use your software's built-in spam capablities or you can set your account to DO NOT USE SPAM FOLDER.  These settings will cause all mail to go to your INBOX, this way spam email will be retrieved along with your other mail, you will need to sort them out.  You can create filters in your software to organize the mail anyway you prefer.  Here is how to change these settings:  Logon thru webmail, go to SETTINGS > ANTI SPAM and either disable SPAM by removing the check next to INSTANT ANTI SPAM or by changing the SPAM FOLDER setting to DO NOT USE SPAM FOLDER.  Be sure to click SAVE

    Also, users of POP3 that would also like to use webmail to monitor their email should consider turning on the setting LEAVE A COPY OF MESSAGES ON SERVER in their email software.  Otherwise, when your email software checks your mail it will download it then DELETE it from the server, then when you logon thru webmail you will not be able to view it.
  • Check your SPAM folder frequently
    Unless you have it disabled (it is on by default) it is a good idea to check your spam folder occasionally for 'good' email messages that might get caught by the spam filter.  If you see messages that you know are 'good' senders being consistently caught by the spam filter you can WHITE LIST the sender so they bypass the spam filters, to do that logon thru webmail, click on one of the messages so that you are reading it, then look for this button:        or click the MOVE drop down box and choose WHITE LIST SENDER.  Either one will WHITE LIST the user's email address.  To remove an email address from your white list go to SETTINGS > SERVER RULES, find the users email address, highlight then click the DELETE button.   For more info on SERVER RULES go HERE

    If you need help:
    you can click EMAIL HELP on the login page of webmail or the blue question mark in the upper right corner of the main mail page: (or just the word HELP on some skins) and read through the help info or for a quick tutorial go HERE for some help screens.

    Also available is a
    tutorial on how to setup Outlook 2007 for use with Concord email
    and if you don't know what your email address happens to be, go

    Known Issues and Bugs with Email:
  • MAC users and webmail:
    There is an issue with Mac users using webmail and the NEW MESSAGE screen with the HTML editing enabled.  Blank emails could be sent if you have the HTML message feature enabled, this is a known problem and we are waiting for the developer to fix the issue, in the meantime just remove the check next to HTML MESSAGE, this will send everything in plain text and will work fine. 
  • Using GROUPS in webmail
    If you use GROUPS created in your address book there is a known issue if that group contains an invalid email address.  If you try to send an email to a group that contains a bad or invalid email address AND that address is a concord address ( with you will immediately receive an error and no one in that group will receive your email.  The only current fix is to make absolutely sure all the email addresses are correct and keep trying until no error is received.  This issue has been reported to the developer and we are waiting for a solution.

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